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In Love with Spring!


Seriously, spring is one of the most exciting times! New life, new beginnings, new wardrobe, patio season and pedicure appointments. We watch the weather like hawks, cringe when the forecast is cold and bust out the flip flops at any sign it might be above zero. The anticipation of warmer days has us itching to change things up and purge inside and while we dream up projects for outside. Inevitably, in our corner of the province, we will have another blast of winter before we can actually label it spring.

The perfect coping combo, in my opinion, is little bursts of spring combined with a splash of wine and some healthy purging and re-organizing.

We are all pretty well versed in the Marie Condo method at this point, you don’t need your friendly neighborhood florist to tell you how to organize a cupboard. Once that space is cleaned and organized however, add a splash of color. You know that mason jar you just put in recycling, fill it with tulips, from your friendly neighborhood florist, of course! Want an extra project? Paint it with some chalk paint! We likely all have a bit of that lying around at this point of the pandemic. If not, your florist might just have the right color in glass paint to fix ya up (I know Wild Roots Flowers & Gifts can paint a vase for you).

Did you join in the other pandemic trend of artisanal bread baking? Wouldn’t it be sweet to have a fresh bundle of flowers strategically placed in the background of your “Insta”, “Snap” or “Tik-Tok”? Heck yes it would! The bonus to this little gem of an idea is, the flowers will last long after the bread is gone! If you get some spring hyacinth, they will smell flippin’ awesome alongside that fresh bread.

In all seriousness though, we are all going a little batty at this time of year and the pandemic only makes things worse. Wild Roots Flowers & Gifts has

a couple spring workshops to keep your hands and mind busy. In the meantime, we have some unique ideas for spring bulbs.

spring bulb

One, take our spring bulbs, clean off the dirt and watch the roots do their thing in clear glass and water. Add in river rocks or gems for an added accent. This is a unique way to showcase your plants. When the ground thaws, go ahead and plant ‘em!

Two, start that herb garden you’ve always wanted to. No, Wild Roots does not currently sell seeds but we do have some unique containers that would house them. We are carrying some really pretty low dishes that have some Grecian deco art on them in whites. On sale for 15% off!

I think most importantly when feeling cagy at this time of year, get outside, take some deep breaths and find relief in the knowledge that it is inevitable, warmer days are coming. And in the meantime, we have flowers.

Happy Spring everyone,


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